Prosecco more than an adequate alternative to Champagne, and Gemstones are a worthwhile alternative to diamonds. Jacob Oliver will happily consult with regard to the variations of gemstones.

Choosing a gemstone is a enjoyable process, that’s not to say each step of the process is straightforward. Jacob Oliver will take away the daunting feeling you may have, and will guide you through various choices.

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Often gauged solely by level of hardness, however this only measures resistance to scratches. The overall toughness, durability and wearability of gemstones for jewelry is measured by several factors, including hardness, cleavage, fracture, tenacity and sensitivity.

It is important to ask yourself, how your gemstone jewelry will be worn – occasionally, frequently, or daily. White diamonds, which are most commonly worn in engagement and bridal jewelry can be worn in just about every scenario and matched with every type of fashion trend. Though many types of colored stones may not be as versatile as white diamonds, colored gemstone jewelry can be custom-designed to accommodate versatility.

For those without a budget, natural and untreated gemstones are the best choice. The term “natural” applies to gems that can be found in an untreated, unenhanced state. Choosing treated or enhanced gemstones can cut costs without sacrificing the look of the finished design.

Some colored stones are simply so rare, that you may not be able to find the size or shape you need. Availability may also affect the way you purchase the gemstone for your jewelry. In most cases, certain gem types will only be available in small sizes, but there are a handful of gems known to be available only in large sizes as well, meaning care must be taken when selecting from large center or smaller accent stones.