All facts and figures taken from Zoara

Elegant and timeless, is and always has been the cornerstone of the fashion industry. Since gold readily binds with different metal alloys which serve to heighten the metal’s durability, color, luster and appeal, it is considered to be a highly versatile substance, commonly used in the production of jewelry such as Gold Rings, Gold Earrings, Gold Necklaces and pendants and Gold Bracelets. Gold jewelry also comes in a variety of colors. The tinge of the gold is determined by the alloys mixed in with the metal as well as its weight in karats: the higher the carat the purer the gold’s color will be.

Chemical Formula: Au
Color: Golden yellow to brass yellow
Hardness: 2.5 – 3
Crystal System: Isometric
Specific Gravity: 15.5 – 19.3
Luster: Metallic
Tenacity: Ductile and malleable
Environment: In Quartz veins and high temperature hydrothermal deposits, as well as placer deposits.
Rock Type: Sedimentary, Metamorphic
Striking Features: Golden-yellow color, extreme heaviness, lack of tarnish, and malleability and ductility